Revolution in Astma Treatment

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

picture: Inhilation Dr. Ilan Zamir, one of the pioneers of homeopathy in Israel, has recently reported successful treatment of asthmatic patients with his own homeopathic methods.

      It is estimated that asthma and other allergic diseases affect 20% of the world's population. The number of sufferers in the United States exceeds 15 million. In the last 20 years, the number of asthma hospitalizations has increased by 50%. In the past ten years the number of asthma death cases has doubled !

      Asthma is on the rise. Eight years ago, it was determined that 10% of all new IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) recruits had suffered from asthma at some time in the past, while 6% were current asthma sufferers.

      Asthma, shortness of breath and spastic bronchitis are basically the same phenomenon, caused by the sensitivity and super-reaction of the respiratory system, leading to the contraction of the system muscle from any small irritation. In addition, at the time of the spasm of contractions, inflammatory cells are detected in the respiratory system.
Some physicians believe that these are responsible for the spasms, coming out in a form of coarseness, whistles, cough and lack of breath - which can lead to death by asphyxia.

      Environmental pollution agents, such as household dust, which increase the presence microscopic insects living in bed linen and in other parts of the house, only aggravate the problem, as do the presence of cockroaches, pets, and smoking (including passive smoking).
High humidity and sport activities which dry out the respiratory system also serve to aggravate the problem. Mental and psychological stress may also exacerbate asthma symptoms.
      Conventional treatment consists of medication to expand the bronchi by means of inhalation or swallowing, imitating the effect of adrenalin in the body. In severe cases, medicines containing steroids are given as preventive treatment to break down the inflammatory process. The generally accepted opinion is, however, that there is no known cure for asthma.

      Dr. llan Zamir has returned to frumkeit and has moved both his residence and one of his clinics to Telz-Stone near Jerusalem. According to him, the basic problem in dealing with asthma is that it almost always starts after an infectious disease, such as ear or throat infections or bronchitis, for which the patient is prescribed antibiotics.

"My 20-year experience has taught me," says Dr. Zamir, "that treatment of such diseases with antibiotics discharges the natural antibodies of the body from the self-curing function. This, in turn, endangers the organism they have to protect. The organism becomes sensitive to its toxic internal substances. Such phenomena as diseases of the heart, liver, joints, kidneys, and even cancer, and certainly asthma, often follow."

      Dr. Zamir has developed his own modified homeopathic method. He uses homeopathic substances made of natural raw materials, highly dissolved, for strengthening the body's natural immunity and to cure it of asthma and other diseases. With his method, Dr. Zamir claims almost 100% of success in the treatment of children. With adults, he says, the treatment's success depends on the stage of the disease and the degree of harm done by prior conventional treatment, especially the administration of steroids which can damage the adrenal glands. He has, however, succesfully treated hundreds of adult cases.

      Dr. Zamir has many of letters from his patients, children and adults, who testify that they were helped by his method. Based on his success, he is looking for investors to establish a network of clinics in Israel and in the United States for treatment of millions of people from coast to coast.
      Worldwide medicine is also aware of the need for a change from conventional, anti-inflammatory medicine to homeopathic treatment. The Zamir method claims reliability and Dr Zamir says that it usually leads to gradual improvement which, under continuous doctor's supervision, becomes a successful cure.
References said that Dr. Zamir does have good results, but that the treatment involves considerable expense.

Last year one of Dr. Zamir' patients expressed a desire to write to the general manager of his medical insurance organization and describe their succesful cure from asthma. The following are two of many letters written by Dr. Zamir's patients.



"During a very long period I suffered from severe allergy and asthma, in spite of being treated by physicians of the medical organization. I was told that there was no possibility to cure my allergy and that I would have to take anti-allergic drugs all my life. When I came to the clinic of physician-homeopath, Dr. llan Zamir, in a short time I was completely cured of the allergy which had made me suffer so much. The same happened to the inflammation of my joints. which disappeared very quickly as an effect of the homeopathic treatment. In addition, my father suffered from a malignant lung tumor complicated by water in the lungs. which was diagnosed by hospital tests.
There was nothing that could be done and he did not receive any treatment. I brought my father to Dr. Zamir, who confirmed the diagnosis after an in-depth study through non-conventional methods. He was treated by Dr. Zamir. After a repeated test at the hospital, my father was told that the tumor had disappeared!
with gratitude, Sara Rabin. Bat-Yam"
                "Dr. Zamir: I want to thank you for your generosity and your help. I had been in treatment for my asthma symptoms only, for several years. The root of the problem was only becoming worse. Now, thanks to you, with the help of Hashem, I seem to be completely cured of my asthma difficulties.
I know that my rosh yeshiva will continue to refer to you other ailing people who could benefit from your care.
I will join him. .Hashem should grant you many years of your own good health.   Jeff Silverman"




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